Mini Metro cheats and tips to help you move all of your passengers! Think you can run a public transportation system better than your city? Prove it by playing Dino Polo Club’s Mini Metro. Mini Metro is currently in Alpha, but you can begin building your subway lines on Mac, PC, Android and iOS in mid-2014. Can’t get your trains running? Check out all our Mini Metro strategy and tips right here.

Mini Metro is a minimalist strategy and simulation game based on the hectic workings of a city’s subway system. The goal of Mini Metro is to see see how many passengers your can appease before your public transportation system falters. Throughout the game, you will need to mange the chaos of overcrowded stations, passenger demands, and gridlock.


As the game progresses, you will be given more and more territory that needs to be connected, in order to provide the passengers with travel to get to their destinations. When you begin Mini Metro, you will begin with three stations that you will need to connect with rails.  As time passes, your city’s population will grow.

To keep up with the increase in travelers, it will be your job to build a multitude of lines so that they can connect to growing number of stations throughout the city.  Make sure that you are aware of where you are making the lines so that you do not run into problems down the road! As you survive another in-game week of building, you will be awarded upgrades so that you can continue to subdue frantic riders.

The clock at the top keeps track of which day you are on.  When you finish a full weeks worth of building, you will be rewarded with the upgrades on Sunday night.  The upgrades contain two different options, sometimes they will offer more lines, tunnels, capacity on the platform and more! But beware, much like any city’s rail system, you are going to encounter problems. In Mini Metro, you can only build a limited amount of lines in one area.

You will also need to deal with river crossing tunnels and limitations to where your lines can go. But don’t fret, here you will find all the Mini Metro strategy and tips you can handle. Mini Metro is an ingenious play for anyone who has cursed out their city’s transportations system and thinks they can run it better.

If you love simulation building games such as Sim City and Roller Coaster Tycoon, then Mini Metro is the must play game for you. It is not easy to keep up with the passenger’s demands, that’s why you should check out our Mini Metro cheats and tips to get the highest score possible!